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Blood pressure monitors -
for sale, aneroid sphygmonomoeters, stethoscopes (Littman), Omron digital blood pressure monitors for sale and hire and blood pressure accessories.

Nurses on duty week days

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Asthma nebulisers -
for sale and hire, Airessential nebulisers, peak flow meters, respirator exerciser (Respiflow), all asthma therapy accessories

Nurses on duty week days

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Diabetes -
Roche glucose monitors available, lancets and blood glucose strips,

Nurses on duty week days & Saturday morning.

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Manual handling -
mechanical lifters and electric hi low hospital beds for sale and hire, Pelican lift and walk belts,transfer slide sheets (slippery sams ) ,mobility turn pads to assist with transition to and from cars etc

Wound care and Bandaging -
Large range of Smith and Nephew and Livingstone International wound dressings and bandages, wound gels, Medihoney wound gel, gypsona plaster bandages, various sized tubular bandages , Soffban Procel water proofing undercasting, surgical gloves, scalpel blades and handles etc

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Pillows and Back Care

Comfortable support products for sitting, sleeping and relaxing.

  • Complete Sleeper - Unique memory foam, with removable inserts to customise your pillow.
  • Tranquillow - contoured pillows of various sizes
  • Naturelle latex - contoured pure natural latex from the rubber tree
  • Back hugger - lower back support
  • Total spinal support - full length back support with lateral supports
  • Bed wedge - 14 degree angle to aid those with hiatus hernias, gastric reflux and heart disease
  • Keyhole cushion - wedge cushion with key hole cut out to releave pressure post surgery or injury
  • Multi purpose cushion - spreads the load and diffusers the pressure
  • Diffuser cushion - luxurious memory foam to releave pressure

Many more.......................

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First aid -
Full range of first aid items for restocking of first aid kits in compliance with work cover, free restocking service, free delivery in the Lismore area.

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Daily Living Aides -
large range of specialised products to provide independence and safety in the home, specialised cutlery, cups, plates , jar openers, long handled toe wipers, button hooks, dressing sticks, easireachers, bottom wipers ect All to assist arthritic, post surgery and aged clients.

Nurses on duty week days to help you find the right solution to your unique problem.

Braces and Supports

Large range of braces and supports for sport, post surgery, arthritis and injury problems.

S P Walkers, posture braces, soft collars, collar and cuff, shoulder immobilisers, slings,zimmer splints, post op knee braces, sacro cynch back supports to name just a few.

Body Assist

Rehabilitation and Exercise equipment

Large range of fitness , post surgery and mobility products available.

  • Gym balls
  • Exercise putty in assorted strengths
  • Turn tables for easy entry and exit of cars
  • Wobble or balance boards
  • Exercise bikes and pedalex machines to enhance mobility
  • Electric treadmills for mobility

Continence Aids

Large range of incontinence products available

  • Mens and womens washable Minappi incontinence under wear
  • Kylie bed pads
  • Hospital quality matteress protectors - machine washable, no crinkling or tearing, very soft
  • Water proof chair pads
  • Molicare disposable pads and pull up pants
  • Male and female urinals
  • Uridomes and catheters
  • Day and night drainage bags and leg bags
  • Adult wipes
  • Clothing protectors
  • Bed pans




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